Outpost Climbing Collaboration | Bounce Back

Outpost Climbing Collaboration | Bounce Back

Introducing Outpost Climbing: A Collaboration between T-Hall and The Rock School

Outpost Climbing emerges as a partnership between two renowned and longstanding Singapore climbing brands: T-Hall and The Rock School.

In 2023, T-Hall was at a crossroads for its continuity and needed new momentum to break its plateau, while The Rock School faced the setback of losing its lease for its flagship outlet nestled within Our Tampines Hub. Additionally, The Rock School's boulder-focused brand at Cross Street Exchange, Origin Boulder, was impacted by mall redevelopment, resulting in the termination of its lease as well.

Amidst this challenging backdrop, both brands recognized an opportunity to combine their strengths and unveil a fresh, captivating addition to the Singapore climbing landscape.

Echoing the concept of an outpost—a sanctuary for individuals embarking on or navigating their adventures—Outpost Climbing is envisioned as a haven, embracing safety and inclusivity for all.

The phrase "Bounce Back" encapsulates the essence of this collaboration, symbolizing the resilience of both brands as they triumph over setbacks and eagerly anticipate the promising horizons ahead.
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